Maize is currently the only major hybrid cereal crop in Europe that offers outstanding possibilities in terms of performance and environmental impact.French breeders are ranked second behind the USA in terms of maize seed production. Maize has demonstrated sustained gain in productivity in a global stagnation context in France.

In order to face the challenges of delivering safe and high-quality food and feed in a sustainable manner while maintaining yield and stability across different environments affected by climatic change, a paradigm shift is needed in maize breeding. Scientific breakthroughs are needed to take advantage of emerging technologies and better valorize the potential of this species.

AMAIZING aims at the development of innovative breakthrough in breeding methods and agricultural practices for the production of high yielding crop varieties with improved environmental values. It relies on a large partnership between the key players of maize economy in France and in particular a strong private partnership unique to date in the history of maize research in France.


CNRGV's responsible

  • William Marande