Functional genomics of the wheat-Fusarium interaction


Project coordinator:

BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
c/o Department of Agrobiotechnology, IFA-Tulln
Institute for Biotechnology in Pflant Production
Konrad-Lorenz Str. 20
3420 Tulln

Projet Wolfgang Schweiger



This project intends to fine-map one of the most effective Fusarium-resistance quantitative trail locus (QTL) Qfhs.ifa-5A in wheat. Qfhs.ifa-5A is located on the short arm of chromosome 5A supposedly close to the centromere. The region exhibits a very low recombination rate. To generate a high-resolution map for this region we will employ several strategies from screening for meiototic recombination events to physical mapping approaches that will provide additional breakpoints in this poor-recombining region. Using markers close to the physical position of the QTL, we will screen a non-gridded BAC library of the resistant wheat cultivar CM-82036. Selected BACs will be sequenced and investigated for more markers and candidate genes underlying the QTL.


CNRGV involvement:

  • Construction and screening of a Non Gridded BAC library
  • Physical map of the genomic region of interest


CNRGV's responsible

  • Sonia Vautrin


Publication related to the project: