Identification of the genomic region responsible for the resistance to the leaf rust in the weat variety Sinvalocho MA using non gridded BAC library.

rust leaf wheat

Project coordinator:
Maria-José Dieguez
Instituto de Genética "Ewald A. Favret"
C.C. 25 - Castelar (B1712WAA)
Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone : 54 011 4450-0805/1876 int. 112

The gene LrSV2 for adult plant wheat leaf rust resistance was mapped on sub-distal chromosome 3BS in the wheat cultivar Sinvalocho MA (Ingala et al, 2012). In a fine map of this region, close flanking markers were identified that were subsequently used to screen for recombinants within this target interval. The genotyping of these recombinants with additional markers allowed the narrowing of the LrSV2-containing interval to a distance that corresponds to 262 Kb in the variety Chinese Spring, whose sequence information is available.
The objective of this research was the construction of a non gridded BAC library of the wheat cultivar Sinvalocho MA and the identification of BAC clones spanning the LrSV2-containing interval.
Positive BAC clones that contain the region of interest will be sequenced using the 454 technology.

CNRGV involvement:

Responsible: William Marande