Isolation of SH3 coffee tree gene(s) conferring the resistance to leaf rust using a non gridded BAC library strategy.

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Coffea arabica is the first variety of coffee consumed worldwide. Coffee leaf rust (CLR) due to the biotrophic fungus Hemileia vastatrix is one of the most serious diseases in Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) and causes annual economic damage estimated at more than US$ 1 billion. The SH3 factor involved in resistance to the coffee leaf rust has been genetically mapped by Philippe Lashermes’ group ( Mahe et al., 2008). The SH3 resistance region has been transferred from the resistance variety Coffea liberica into Coffea arabica genetic background.Our goal is to isolate this genomic region carrying the resistance to H. vastatrix fungus, the agent of CLR. .
In the frame of our non-gridded BAC library approach, we aim at characterising this specific resistance region, by establishing BAC contigs and sequencing them.

CNRGV involvement :

Responsible : Arnaud Bellec

Production of BAC clones from the dedicated cultivar
Screening of the pools of transformants
Isolation of positive BAC clones covering the genomic area where resistance is mapped
BAC analysis and sequencing


L.Mahe., MC Combes., V M. P. Va´rzea.,C Guilhaumon and P Lashermes  (2008) Development of sequence characterized DNA markers linked to leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) resistance in coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Mol Breeding 21:105–113
DOI 10.1007/s11032-007-9112-z

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