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Durable resistance to downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii) in sunflower


Project coordinator


  • Dr. Patrick Vincourt
     LIPM (UMR 441-2594 INRA-CNRS)
     BP 52627
     Chemin de Borde Rouge - Auzeville
     31326 Castanet Tolosan

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Plasmopara halstedii (downy mildew) is one of the potentially most dangerous diseases of sunflower in Europe. This disease is favoured by rainfall in spring and with the push to make earlier sowings to increase yields, the danger is likely to increase. Genetic resistance is the most efficient control method, but although new major genes giving complete resistance have been identified, after a few years use they are overcome by new races of P.halstedii. This project aims to provide tools and knowledge with the goal to draw scenarios allowing to establish strategies for a more durable resistance of sunflower to downy mildew. This will consist in developing genomic resources of P.halstedii for population genetics, studying the variability of pathogen populations and trying to determine how new races arise, and for pathotype identification ; identifying and mapping the major genes already found in large series of new sources of wild and cultivated sunflowers; fine mapping and cloning of a QTL already identified and explaining 30% of variance for a quantitative, race-non specific resistance in an RIL population, and also searching for QTL in another population to determine whether different resistance origins use different resistance mechanisms; building a Helianthus annuus genetic resource to allow more precise studies of the spatial and temporal host-parasite interaction.

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CNRGV involvement

Responsable : Sonia VAUTRIN



  •  Laboratoire “ Interactions Plantes Microorganismes”, UMR 441-2594(INRA-CNRS)
     Managing Director : Pascal GAMAS
     Scientist in charge of the project : Patrick VINCOURT
  •  UMR 1095 “ Amélioration et Santé des Plantes ”
     INRA – Université Blaise Pascal
     Managing Director : Gilles CHARMET
     Scientist in charge of the project : Felicity VEAR - D.TOURVIEILLE
  •  UMR 1065 « Santé végétale »des Plantes
     INRA/ENITA Bordeaux
     Managing Director : D. THIERRY
     Scientist in charge of the project : F. DELMOTTE
  •  UR 1258 Centre National de Ressources Génomiques Végétales
     Managing Director / Scientist in charge of the project  : Helène BERGES