Pea MUlti-STress adaptation and biological regulations for yield improvement and stability


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UMR AgroEcologie
17 rue Sully
BP 86510
21065 DIJON
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The PeaMUST project combines 26 public and private partners.



•    Develop novel pea varieties and optimize plant-symbiotic interactions for stabilizing seed yield and quality, in the context of pesticide reduction and climate change
•    Enhance national and international research and competitiveness of the French breeders and pea production



•    Undertake a program of genomic selection targeted to low-input cropping systems
•    Discover molecular determinants of disease, insect and frost partial resistance in pea and faba bean
•    Investigate the potential of architecture and plant-symbiote interactions in breeding for multiple stress tolerance
•    Provide enhanced platforms for gene validation in pea
•    Devise best breeding strategies towards optimized yield and stress tolerance



•    Federate actors gathering various complementary competencies (quantitative genetics, breeding, genomics, biochemistry, biotechnology, plant /pathogen, pests and symbiots interactions, agronomy, socio-economy)
•    Use associated phenotyping platforms (PPHD Dijon, DIAPHEN Montpellier, UE Epoisses, UE Le Rheu, UE Mons, UE Clermont-Theix, UE Lusignan, UE Toulouse, SNES) and national sequencing and genotyping platforms (GENOTOUL, GENTYANE, GENOSCOPE)


Main Results

•    Acquire original basic knowledge on the genetic control of multiple stress tolerance (QTL cloning, impact of plant architecture, phenology and symbiotic interactions on multiple-stress tolerance)
•    Develop unique tools for gene identification: high throughput sequence-based genotyping, translational genomic tools, association genetics panels, TILLING and VIGS platforms, user-friendly databases
•    Develop enhanced breeding methods and lines, optimizing yield under varying stress conditions


CNRGV's responsibles:

Sonia Vautrin - Genséric Beydon


CNRGV involvement:

 Bac libraries construction


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Publication related to the project:


Development of a Sequence-Based Reference Physical Map of Pea (Pisum sativum L.).