Positional cloning of the SrWLR locus involved in the wheat stem rust resistance

Project coordinator:

Dr Maricelis Acevedo and Jason Zurn (PhD student)
Department of Plant Pathology
North Dakota State University
Walster Hall, 306
Fargo, ND, USA 58102




The project is developed in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr Maricellis Acevedo (North Dakota State University) as part of Jason Zurn PhD thesis. The project's objective is to characterize the SrWLR locus, responsible for stem rust resistance in wheat.

In previous experiments the SrWLR locus has been positioned on chromosome 2BL and genetically mapped to a 0.38 cM region. In order to find candidates genes for this phenotype, we’ll establish a physical map of the region.

This will be done using the BAC library approach. We’ll create a BAC library from the resistant Iranian landrace PI 626573-2 and screen for markers located in the region targeted.


High-density mapping of a resistance gene to Ug99 from the Iranian landrace PI 626573
JD Zurn, M Newcomb, MN Rouse, Y Jin, S Chao, J Sthapit, DR See, ...
Molecular Breeding 34 (2), 871-881

CNRGV involvement:

Responsible: William Marande

Construction and screening of a BAC library
Physical map of the genomic region of interest


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