CONSORTIUM for the sequencing of Vanilla planifolia - « VANISEQ » project


This consortium aims at providing genomic resources and data in order to better understand the genetic of Vanilla planifolia.

Vanilla is a very popular flavoring material. Of the approximately 110 Vanilla species (Orchidaceae, monocot) that have been identified, only two are important in terms of commerce and cultivation; V. planifolia Andrews and V. tahitensis JW Moore. Among these, V. planifolia is the most valued for its flavor qualities and is therefore widely cultivated and used for the production of food additives. The fully-grown mature fruits of vanilla, also called beans or pods, develop characteristic aromatic properties by the process of curing. The cured beans are referred to as vanilla, and the major flavor compound is vanillin (3-methoxy, 4-hydroxy-benzaldehyde). In spite of its economic importance, there is little genetic diversity and few genetic or genomic resources in V. planifolia (Rao et al., 2014). The chromosome number for V. planifolia has been reported as 2n = 32. Most V. planifolia accessions are considered to be diploid with a 2C-value of 5.03 pg, but due to the large size and complexity of the V. planifolia genome, limited sequence resources are currently available.

Rao X, Krom N, Tang Y, Widiez T, Havkin-Frenkel D, Belanger FC, Dixon RA, Chen F. (2014). A deep transcriptomic analysis of pod development in the vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia). BMC Genomics. 15:964. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-15-964.


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