Tomato Genome Sequence

Determining the minimum tilling path from the tomato BAC library in order to sequence chromosome 7


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  •  Dr. Monder Bouzayen
     Laboratoire de Génomique et Biotechnologies des fruits
     Chemin de Borde Rouge
     31326 Castanet Tolosan

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chromosome 7 séquençage


The tomato genome will be sequenced as the cornerstone of an International Solanaceae Genome Initiative, a project that aims to develop the family Solanaceae as a model for systems biology for understanding plant adaptation and diversification.

The tomato genome is comprised of approximately 950 Mb of DNA – more than 75% of which is heterochromatin and largely devoid of genes. The majority of genes are found in long contiguous stretches of gene-dense euchromatin located on the distal portions of each chromosome arm. The strategy is to identify and sequence a minimal tiling path of BAC clones through this approximately 220 Mb euchromatin.

The gene-rich euchromatic portion of the tomato genome is being sequenced by an international consortium and the GBF laboratory is leading the French effort for sequencing tomato chromosme 7.




The first sequencing of the tomato genome has been achieved by the International Tomato Sequencing Consortium and is now available on the SGN web site (


CNRGV's responsible

  •  Sonia VAUTRIN


CNRGV's involvement

  • Macroarray production/ screening
  • 3D DNA pools production
  • DNA pools screening


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