Maria Fernanda Pergolesi Maria Fernanda Pergolesi

Maria Fernanda PERGOLESI has obtained her bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and molecular genetics at State University of Buenos Aires (UBA, FCEyN, Buenos Aires Argentina) in 2007. She is currently in the last year of Ph.D. and she is developing her thesis on molecular genetics in wheat.
Since 2005, she is working at IGEAF-INTA (Castelar) on a project aiming at developing a fine map of a wheat region carrying the adult plant leaf rust resistance gene SV2 identified in the wheat variety Sinvalocho. This fine mapping has allowed the identification of close flanking markers encompassing a suitable interval for future positional cloning.
Maria Fernanda arrived at CNRGV in September 2011 and she will stay until December 2011. She has obtained an EMBO Short Term Fellowship for this period. She will construct a non gridded BAC library of the wheat cultivar Sinvalocho in order to establish the physical map of the SV2 region and compare with the physical map already available of the wheat Chinese Spring 3B chromosome.

Maria Fernanda Pergolesi