Philippe Leroy

Arrival date : 2018

Departure date : 31/05/2019

Status : Reseach Engineer

Roles :

Bio Informatician in charge of the development of IT tools for the :- Comparative analysis of genomic structural variations though the analysis of optical maps- Sequences data assembly from Next Generation Sequencing technologies- Plant Genome Functional and Structural annotation (TriAnnot pipeline)

Last completed degree : HDR (Ability for Research Management)

Professional experiences :

- 2000-2018 : INRA GDEC (Bioinformatics / Bioanalysis)- 1992-1999 : INRA GDEC (Wheat molecular mapping)- 1985-1991 : BIOCEM, Limagrain group (Maize molecular mapping)- 1981-1982 : Associate Research, Salt Lake City, USA (Electronic Microscopy)