TaaCsp5BLhA : Triticum aestivum BAC "5BL Chromosome specific BAC library" Library

International name TaaCsp5BLhA Restriction enzyme HindIII
Library Type Chromosome Specific BAC Host DH10B T1R
CNRGV name Tae-B-5BLha Number of clones 76800
Common name Bread Wheat Number of plates 200
Genus Triticum Plates type Genetix 384 wells
Species aestivum Average insert size 126.0 Kb
Ecotype Chinese spring Genome size 580 Mb
Genome equivalents 15.7 X
Vector pIndigoBAC-5 Hind III Library owner Institute of Experimental Botany
Selective antibiotic Chloramphenicol Library producer Institute of Experimental Botany
Distribution restrictions Please contact us : infocnrgv-toulouse@inrae.fr  
Links : http://olomouc.ueb.cas.cz/dnalib/taacsp5blha
Sequences : https://wheat-urgi.versailles.inra.fr/Seq-Repository
NCBI Taxonomy : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Taxonomy/Browser/wwwtax.cgi?id=4565
Associated Data at URGI Chromosome 5B : http://wheat-urgi.versailles.inrae.fr/Chr5B

Genomic Resource Available :

Resource Academic Price Commercial Price Informations Order
Macroarrays 5x5 pattern 750 € (entire set) 1350 € (entire set) 3 macroarrays / 72 plates per macroarray
Macroarrays 6x6 pattern 560 € (entire set) 960 € (entire set) 2 macroarrays / 108 plates per macroarray
Macroarrays 7x7 pattern 600 € (entire set) 1000 € (entire set) 2 macroarrays / 144 plates per macroarray