FINAPEA : Fine mapping and candidate genes at a major resistance QTL to Aphanomyces euteiches in pea


Project coordinator:

Marie-Laure PILET-NAY
65 rue de Saint-Brieuc
35042 Rennes
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Project partners:

INRA- UMR Agroécologie
17 rue Sully, BP 86510
21065 DIJON Cedex
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Hélène Berges
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The sustainable development of grain legume in cropping systems is a major challenge for providing feed and food protein and limiting nitrogen applications in crop rotations. One of the major limiting factor to the production of grain legumes, especially pea predominant in France, is the common root rot disease, due to Aphanomyces euteiches. Previous studies dissected genetics of quantitative resistance to A. euteiches in pea and identified several main QTL. The project aims to fine map and identify candidate genes underlying a major resistance QTL to A. euteiches in pea, in order to support breeding efforts for future resistant varieties and discover putative functions underlying resistance QTL which are still poorly known in plants. The project will first fine map the target resistance QTL using Near-Isogenic-Line progenies previously produced and taking advantage of extensive marker resources recently developed in pea. Then, it will identify the physical sequence and candidate genes underlying the target QTL, using BAC libraries, recent long read sequencing technologies, qRT-PCR for gene expression analysis, and taking advantage of the ongoing progress of the pea genome sequencing project. The project will be associated to the federative PeaMUST national Investments for the Future Consortium. It will gather three partners of the Plant2Pro Carnot Institute and will allow innovative research to be developed in two major thematic axis of the Institute. Results will provide original basic knowledge about candidate genes underlying quantitative disease resistance in plants. It will provide new applied knowledge and tools for breeding of pea resistant varieties, which will be a key component of an integrated control strategy against A. euteiches, in combination with other methods of plant protection.


CNRGV involvement:

Responsible: Arnaud BELLEC

The CNRGV, responsible of the task2 of the project, will construct BAC libraries of two pea genotypes one resistant and the other susceptible to Aphanomyces euteiches.


Fund agency: 

This project is funding by the Plant2Pro Carnot Institute. This institute is dedicated to integrated R&D “from laboratory to field” in the area of agricultural crop production.