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Hélène Bergès : Opening Session


Francis Quétier : "From Arabidopsis to the 3B chromosome of the hexaploid wheat : evolution of technologies , strategies and consortium managements in plant genome sequencing"


Jane Rogers : "Genomics for biology"


Rod Wing : "BAC to the Future – From Gene Assembly Space to Platinum Standard Genomes"


Nevin Young : "Exploring Genome Variation, Nodulation and Complex Gene Families with Association Mapping in Medicago truncatula"


Nils Stein : "Next Generation Barley Genomics"


Frédéric Choulet : "The IWGSC: Strategies and Activities to Sequence the Bread Wheat Genome"


Christophe Plomion : "Forest tree genetics in the age of genomics"


Rajeev Varshney :"Genomics strides in grain legumes"


Cristobal Uauy :"Moving genomics into the field"


Michele Morgante : "From one to the many genomes of a plant: the evolution of the grapevine pan-genome"


Vincent Colot : "Epigenetic Recombinant Inbred Lines: Demythifying Epigenetic Inheritance"