ATOME1 : Arabidopsis thaliana ORFEOME "ATOME1" Library

International name ATOME1 Restriction enzyme 0
Library Type ORFEOME Host DH10B
CNRGV name Ath-O-ATOME1 Number of clones 10944
Common name Arabidopsis thaliana Number of plates 114
Genus Arabidopsis Plates type Genetix 96 wells
Species thaliana Average insert size 0.0 Kb
Ecotype accession Col 0 Genome size 150 Mb
Tissue Cf. "Full-Length" cDNA GSLT Genome equivalents 0.0 X
Vector pDONR221 Library owner URGV INRA
Selective antibiotic Kanamycin Library producer URGV INRA
Distribution restrictions Please contact us :   See MTA (Material Transfert Agreement) in PDF
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Important information Please keep in mind when ordering: (i) 6 clones have been selected for each flcDNA (ii) none of the clones have been checked by PCR

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Clone 7 € 25 €  
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