HVVMRX_MTPs : Hordeum vulgare MULTI "8 libraries corresponding to 7 chromosomes + unanchored BACs" Library

International name HVVMRX_MTPs Restriction enzyme HindIII or EcoRI or MboI or random sheared
Library Type MULTI Host DH10B
CNRGV name Hvu-B-MTP Number of clones 69888
Common name Barley Number of plates 182
Genus Hordeum Plates type Genetix 384 wells
Species vulgare Average insert size 100.0 Kb
Ecotype Morex Genome size 5000 Mb
Tissue Genome equivalents 1.0 X
Vector ND Library owner IPK Gatersleben
Selective antibiotic Chloramphenicol Library producer CNRGV
Distribution restrictions Please contact us : infocnrgv-toulouse@inrae.fr   See MTA (Material Transfert Agreement) in PDF
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NCBI Taxonomy : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Taxonomy/Browser/wwwtax.cgi?id=4513

Genomic Resource Available :

Resource Academic Price Commercial Price Informations Order
Clone 7 € 25 €  
Coordinate in plate-row-column format (ex: 26g9) :
3D Pools 1X genome coverage / 70 PCR reactions per chromosome MTP