BAC clone characterization

BAC clone characterization

BAC clones characterization by long reads sequencing


The CNRGV links traits of interest of plants with the genomic sequences controlling them through the construction and screening of BAC clone libraries. The identified clones are characterized by long-read sequencing.

We use PacBio HiFi sequencing technology. The reads produced by the PacBio Sequel II System are high quality, so-called high fidelity (HiFi) reads, with average sizes between 17 and 20 kb.

They allow the assembly of repeated regions, which are particularly frequent in plants, and the assembly into a single contig per BAC clone.

We work closely with several sequencing platforms, including those of the INRAE Genomics infrastructure, to access this technology.

BAC clones are sequenced in multiplex. The sequences belonging to a clone are assigned to it using a system of specific tags.

Our bioinformatics team has developed a pipeline dedicated to the assembly of BAC clones.

BAC clone characterization equipment

The CNRGV has the full equipment to produce and prepare DNA libraries for sequencing (Ultra high molecular weight DNA, DNA extracted from BAC clone).

Various protocols are available according to the sequencing technology used.

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