Newsletter 2023

What's new @CNRGV?

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Newsletter 2022

A look back at 2021 and insights on what's to come in 2022

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CNRGV updates 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has made the year 2020 of the CNRGV unprecedented and has mobilized our ability to adapt over and over. After a period of containment and telecommuting in spring, the team returned to the laboratory in May focusing on resuming ongoing projects. The commitment of all the members of the CNRGV's team allowed delivering most of the projects' results on time. Beyond the difficulties experienced, this episode allowed us to strengthen relationships with our collaborators. We sincerely thank you for the trust you showed us this particular year. 


What’s new at CNRGV ?


New direction of the CNRGV since August 2019

Since the departure of Hélène Bergès, the CNRGV is governed by a collegiate leadership composed by: Sonia Vautrin (Director), Arnaud Bellec (Associate Director), Laetitia Lançon (Administrative manager), Stéphane Cauet (IT Manager)

The new collegial management team's mission is to maintain and develop the CNRGV's services to the plant genomics community.

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Gene@Home - Newsletter October 2018

The CNRGV is a national infrastructure unique in France offering genomic resources and innovative tools to the international scientific community. Currently, the CNRGV hosts more than 47 Million clones coming from more than 460 genomic libraries of model and crop plants.

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Gene@Home - Newsletter May 2017

CNRGV Newsletter - May 2017

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Gene@Home - Newsletter January 2014

CNRGV Newsletter - January 2014

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Gene@Home - Newsletter June 2013

CNRGV Newsletter - June 2013

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Gene@Home - Newsletter December 2011

CNRGV Newsletter - December 2011

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Gene@Home - Newsletter June 2010

CNRGV Newsletter - June 2010

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Gene@Home - Newsletter March 2009

CNRGV Newsletter - March 2009

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Gene@Home - Newsletter July 2008

CNRGV Newsletter - July 2008

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