Plant BAC libraries storage

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The tasks of the INRA-CNRGV is to preserve, maintain and manage plant genomic resources produced in the context of major projects by internationally-renowned laboratories.

The INRA-CNRGV stores the BAC libraries following the rules of procedure established in the laboratory. The Quality Management System of the INRA-CNRGV has been certified following the ISO 9001:2015 standards. The INRA-CNRGV ensures traceability and quality throughout its process.

BAC library is arrayed into 384-well microtiter plates bar-coded and stored in freezer boxes at -80°C. Two copies (master copy and a replicate copy) are produced, tracked with a unique barcode and stored separately. Freezer electrical power supply is uninterruptible and temperature is monitored. Using and thawing are limited and replication will be systematically performed after a defined number of thawing.

Several storage options are proposed: exclusive use for proprietary laboratory, or availability of the resource to the scientific community. In this case, a dedicated material transfer agreement (MTA) will be established to set up the rules for the distribution of the material.

BAC library information is published on the INRA-CNRGV website according to the proprietary laboratory agreement.

Related costs are associated to storage.


Rules of processing for genomic libraries

BAC libraries storage equipment

We have 39 freezers and 2 freezer-rooms that allow the cryopreservation at -80°C of 130 000 micro-plates. The freezers are located in 4 different air-conditioned rooms they benefit a  backup power infrastructure.

The INRA-CNRGV management system and databases, called GenoLims, allows the secure storage of information and the tracking of each clone and plate.

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