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Holušová K, Vrána J, Šafář J, Šimková H, Balcárková B, Frenkel Z, Darrier B, Paux E, Cattonaro F, Berges H, Letellier T, Alaux M, Doležel J, Bartoš J.

Journal : Plant Genome.
DOI: 10.3835/plantgenome2017.03.0021


Bread wheat ( L.) is one of the most important crops worldwide. Although a reference genome sequence would represent a valuable resource for wheat improvement through genomics-assisted breeding and gene cloning, its generation has long been hampered by its allohexaploidy, high repeat content, and large size. As a part of a project coordinated by the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), a physical map of the short arm of wheat chromosome 3D (3DS) was prepared to facilitate reference genome assembly and positional gene cloning. It comprises 869 contigs with a cumulative length of 274.5 Mbp and represents 85.5% of the estimated chromosome arm size. Eighty-six Mbp of survey sequences from chromosome arm 3DS were assigned in silico to physical map contigs via next-generation sequencing of bacterial artificial chromosome pools, thus providing a high-density framework for physical map ordering along the chromosome arm. About 60% of the physical map was anchored in this single experiment. Finally, 1393 high-confidence genes were anchored to the physical map. Comparisons of gene space of the chromosome arm 3DS with genomes of closely related species [ (L.) P.Beauv., rice ( L.), and sorghum [ (L.) Moench] and homeologous wheat chromosomes provided information about gene movement on the chromosome arm.