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Plant Genomes' Day 2014 : Achievements, challenges and future for  plant genomics


The French Plant Genomic Resource Center (CNRGV) was created 10 years ago by the INRA based on a French ministry decision. The aim of this new structure was to maintain and valorize genomic resources developed at that time in the framework of first plants genomic large-scale projects. During the past decade the CNRGV has developed its activity, offering more and more resources and new technical services following the goal to meet the needs of the plant genomic community and support their efforts.


Centre Pierre Baudis

To celebrate our tenth anniversary we want to take the opportunity to look back at the contributions of genomics in plant research and to imagine the future.

 Thus we are very pleased to invite you to attend the Plant Genomes' Day which will take place in Toulouse on June 4th, 2014.


During this day, scientists who played a major role in the development of plant genomics will present several major projects and share their points of view regarding the future and expectations. In addition to the opportunity to attend fascinating conferences, we will also take time to exchange.  The conference will be followed by a friendly social event.

Confirmed speakers : 


Vincent Colot - CNRS - France

Patrick Schnable - Iowa State University - USA

Kellye Eversole - Eversole Associates - USA

Nils Stein - IPK - Germany

Michele Morgante – IGA - Italy

Cristobal Uauy – JIC - UK

Christophe Plomion  - INRA - France

Rajeev Varshney – ICRISAT - India

Francis Quétier  - University of Evry – France

Rod Wing – AGI – USA

Jane Rogers - TGAC - UK

Nevin Young – University of Minnesota – USA


Please pre-register for this special day at the following address : Pre-registration


New Genomic Libraries available :


More than 10 Millions samples are now available at CNRGV:

63 new BAC libraries constructed in 2013 by the CNRGV, including  BAC libraries of specific genotypes of wheat, barley, rye, maize and new species like sage.


From plant to gene: A targeted approach to characterize your genomic region of interest within the most relevant cultivar

To access rapidly to a genomic region of interest within a specific genotype we have developed the non-gridded BAC library strategy. This strategy aims to isolate BAC clones spanning a genomic region avoiding time and cost expensive steps of organization of BAC clones in microplates. Thus it is possible to explore more readily the plant diversity.
The non-gridded BAC library strategy is already applied in several research subjects. Read more...


Publications :

A Physical Map of the Short Arm of Wheat Chromosome 1A. Read more...

A tandem array of CBF/DREB1 genes is located in a major freezing tolerance QTL region on Medicago truncatula chromosome 6. Read more...

Exploring the genome of the salt-marsh Spartina maritima (Poaceae, Chloridoideae) through BAC end sequence analysis. Read more...

A high density physical map of chromosome 1BL supports evolutionary studies, map-based cloning and sequencing in wheat. Read more...

MtQRRS1, an R-locus required for Medicago truncatula quantitative resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum. Read more...


Award :


In the framework of Toulouse Novela science festival Hélène Berges received an award for her achievements as director of the CNRGV. Read more...

A new building for the CNRGV :

Batiment 2014 cafet ext

Batiment 2014 labo1

The extension of our building has been delivered in December 2013!


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