PCR Pool screening

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CNRGV can provide either :

  • Ready-to-use DNA pools to perform your own screening
  • Or customized screening: using your primers we carry out PCR screening on DNA pools and analysis of the results

Screenings are carried out by real-time PCR on amplified or extracted DNA pools.

The use of real-time PCR ensures high throughput and great sensitivity, as well as better traceability.


We provide to our customers the identified clones coordinates after validation on individual colonies. We can also ship the identified clone’s cultures on demand.

DNA pools are already available for several BAC libraries :

  • Plate pools:  Rapeseed (Darmor) , Maize…
  • 2 Dimensional pools: Wheat (Renan, Chinese spring), Pepper (HD208) , Sunflower..
  • 3 Dimensional pools: Wheat (3B chromosome specific library), Tomato (Le_Hba, SL_MboI) ..
  • 4 Dimensional pools*: Sunflower (YDQ)

*Sunflower 4D pools were not produced in CNRGV. For more information please refer to : Bouzidi MF, Franchel J, Tao Q, Stormo K, Mraz A, Nicolas P, Mouzeyar S. A sunflower BAC library suitable for PCR screening and physical mapping of targeted genomic regions. Theor Appl Genet 2006, 113:81-89.

Pooling strategy and Screening Services (PDF)

PCR Pool Screening equipment

The DNA pools are screened by real-time PCR in 384 well plates. The real-time PCR allows the direct acquisition of screening results.

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