Genomic samples storage & distribution

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Plant BAC libraries storage

The tasks of the INRA-CNRGV is to preserve, maintain and manage plant genomic resources produced in the context of major projects by internationally-renowned laboratories.

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BAC, cDNA clone distribution

The CNRGV distributes specific biological samples from over 300 different genomic libraries, both nationally and internationally. We can distribute single clones, complete genomic libraries or subset libraries from BAC or cDNA libraries. Sample preparation is carried out by designated robots, which ensures traceability and the quality of distributed samples.  Every process is tracked by our data management system (GenoLIMS : Laboratory Information Management System).

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Bacterial clones rearraying aims to select a subset of clones within a library. Based on a predefined list, the selected clones are reorganized on 96-well or 384-well microtiter plates. Bacterial clones are rearranged by a high-throughput automated station (QpixII-XT).

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Automated Colony Picking

An automated station is used to organize recombinant clones on microplates both rapidly and reliably. Bacterial clones plated on a Petri dish are picked by a high-throughput automated station (QpixII-XT) and are inoculated in 96-well or 384-well microtiter plates.

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