Whole Genome Characterization

WGC illustration

Genome characterization using Long Reads PacBio technology

The CNRGV offers plant genome sequencing services from DNA extraction to the delivery of the assembled genome sequence. We collaborate with several Sequencing platforms, providing PacBio latest Long Reads sequencing technologies.

Thanks to our 15-year expertise in HMW DNA extraction, we can cover any plant species. We also adapt the sequencing strategy according to your objectives and the genome complexity of your plant of interest. Depending on the final aim of the project (such as de novo assembly or structural variations identification), we propose two library preparation methods: CLR (Continuous Long Reads Sequence) to produce very long reads or CCS (Circular Consensus Sequence) to produce highly accurate HiFi long reads (figure 1).

We have chosen to use the PacBio Sequel II system for its accuracy and its throughput as a single SMRTcell 8M provides up to 450Gb of raw data per sequencing run.  

Depending of the genome size, several SMRTcell 8M could be required to produce sufficient genome coverage to achieve genome assembly. On the contrary for small genomes, multiplexing samples on one SMRTcell 8M is possible.

For example, 21X coverage of the 3.6Gb sunflower genome was obtained from 3 SMRTcell 8M that produced 61Gb of HiFi long reads with an mean insert length of 19Kb.

The CNRGV bioinformatics team carries out the validation and assembly of the data to provide with a high quality genome assembly. It ensures the fully secured storage and transfer of the data.  


Figure 1 : "Whole genome characterization" CNRGV's Workflow

complete genome characterisation workflow en


*for details: https://www.pacb.com/smrt-science/smrt-sequencing /