Development of a new technology for the capture of large genomic regions

Added on : 23 December 2021

The CNRGV has recently implemented a new innovative technology for the capture of large genomic regions, proposed by the supplier Samplix.

The Xdrop device recently purchased by the CNRGV allows to individualize large DNA fragments (50-200kb) in oil droplets and to label them via PCR amplification with a specific marker of the targeted region.

A sorting of the marked droplets with a flow cytometer allows to sort the fragments of interest which are again processed on the Xdrop device to allow an individualized amplification by dMDA (Multiple Displacement Amplification).

This technology allows to enrich to very high levels the proportion of DNA fragments belonging to the genomic regions of interest in the samples, and then to sequence them in barcoded mixtures (PacBIO HiFi technology).

The method is currently being applied in two separate collaborative projects, aimed at exploring the diversity of loci of interest in Sunflower and Olive.

Projects carried out with the help of the Genotoul - TRI Platform.