optical map tools training

CNRGV is training for genome optical map data analysis

Added on : 16 July 2021

To help our collaborators to make the best use of optical maps and genome sequence data, we propose a short training course to provide autonomy to carry out their analysis.

During three days, Sandrine Arribat, responsible of many optical mapping project, trained two collaborators to analyse structural variations between genomes and the heterozygosity within a genome using of Bionano genomics computing tools.

Were present: Quynh-trang Bui from  INRAE Bordeaux, UMR 1332 BFP, working on different apricot genomes and Marine Salson from IRD Montpellier, UMR 232 DIADE, working on several millet genotypes.


Feel free to  contact us, if you are interested in this training.