dorita galea 03-2022

Genomic data processing training follewed by Dorita Galea

Added on : 30 March 2022

Following a 3-week stay last summer to train for high molecular weight DNA extraction methods for optical map production, Dorita Galea was back at the CNRGV during three days to deepen her knowledge about genomic data processing.

Dorita works at the University of Malta on two species of an endemic plant of the island, Limonium. We trained her to perform the analysis of PacBio optical map and sequencing data.


Charlotte Cravero, bioinformatic at CNRGV, trained Dorita in sequence assembly. Nathalie Rodde, specialist of the production of optical maps, explained to her how to process these data to produce optical maps of a genome.


The CNRGV regularly welcomes students and researchers interested in the field of plant genomics, in the framework of collaborative projects. If you are interested in this type of visit, feel free to contact us.