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New publication @CNRGV in collaboration with the LAAS-CNRS

Added on : 18 September 2019

Publication:  μLAS technology for DNA isolation coupled to Cas9-assisted targeting for sequencing and assembly of a 30 kb region in plant genome

Authors: Milon N,Chantry-Darmon C,Satge C,Fustier MA,Cauet S,Moreau S,Callot C,Bellec A,Gabrieli T,Saïas L,Boutonnet A,Ginot F,Bergès H,Bancaud A,

Journal: Nucleic acids research

A success story of the CATCH My Interest project : capture of large genomic regions of interest ...

Implementing innovative technologies to target genomic regions of interest and to handle HMW DNA thanks to this collaborative project with the LAAS-CNRS /Toulouse-France